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The main objective for this brief was to take the existing identity for Adobe Creative Cloud and re-imagine it for a youth audience. The challenge was to devise a campaign that is inspiring enough to appeal to young creatives. It was an opportunity to come up with a truly creative and holistic brand campaign for a product that enables you to do anything, the only limit is imagination.

This brief required a diverse approach, thinking big and experimental but with consideration for the Adobe brand also. The outcome to the brief will successfully promote the creative clouds target audience but will also reach further a field, it is inspiring, imaginative and creative.

It was inspired by my own imagination and was shaped by the creative cloud, the idea was built up from a hand crafted geometric sculpture of a cloud and the tools available in the creative cloud turned it into a beautifully presented design ready to inspire young creatives to shape their own creativity.

The background colours represent the individual apps Illustrator, Photoshop, InDesign, Muse, Lightroom, Animate, and After Effects as a blank canvas for the users ideas and imagination. The logo that floats is that idea that can strike at any time or place ready to fill that canvas.

Brand Campaign

For the campaign there are a set of posters each one representing an app, to promote the creative cloud further there are the typical social media platforms but there is also added promotional platforms which are:


Creatives are famous for being night owls, up all night working on creations of all types so with every subscription a mug will be sent to the creative cloud subscribers for those late night coffee fixes.


In addition to the mugs each creative cloud subscriber will also receive a sketchbook, they will have a choice of colour depending on their go to application. The sketchbooks will not only promote the creative cloud further but its main purpose is to encourage creatives to sketch more, there sketched ideas will then be build ans shape by the creative cloud digitally.


Brand Design


May 2016

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