JJ House Backpackers

During my time in New Zealand, I worked on a logo for a backpackers hostel in Auckland. The owners were unhappy with their current logo and so I approached them and discussed options for a rebrand.

JJ House has a very home-like feel to it, you settle right in. It is not an overcrowded party hostel that many people would normally encounter so close to the biggest city in Auckland. The owners will get to know you and you will get to know them well in return, many guests will stay long term whilst on their working holiday visas and so we wanted to show the home it will become in the logo.

As they were drawn to the Travel Sticker CollectionTravel Sticker Collection, I created a logo which follows the style of those stickers which have been very popular within the backpacker community. Due to their main target audience being backpackers working with that particular style has been very beneficial to the overall look and feel of their new brand.

JJ House is currently in the process of launching a whole new website and is also venturing into different ways of advertising themselves which will include joining the hostelworld.com platform. JJ House is very pleased with their new logo and has had great feedback from some of the guests that they have shown so far.


Logo Design


January 2019

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